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Farm Life Home School Classes is a specialized educational program designed for K-12th grade students seeking tailored academics and enriching extracurricular activities.
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Welcome to Farm Life Home School Classes!

We enjoy 6.5 miles of riding trails, 5 acres of athletic fields and an expansive lot including a 6,500 sq ft horse turn-out alongside our modest 4,000 sq ft school building.

We are a licensed PreK-12th grade school that brings a farm experience to our students by incorporating animals such as horses, ponies, quail, chickens, rabbits, and class pets.

Classes Offered:

We cater to K-12th grade students from 9am-7:30pm. We customize a program to meet your needs. Overarching each program, we are a community for homeschooling families.

Our offerings include: • free online accredited K-12 program • weekly, in-person check-ins and guidance from a Certified Teacher • in-person academic classes taught by a Certified Teacher • in-person enrichment classes including horseback riding lessons • field trips in our bus • neuropsychological evaluations and transcripting (creating approved, transferable transcripts with certificated teachers) and more!


We understand that different circumstances exist, and we want to ensure that education remains within reach. As such, our tuition is on a sliding scale, ranging from $0-$17/hour. Our goal is to allow you to choose a plan that aligns with your budget while still receiving the high-quality education our community is known for.


Program Photos:

Academic Tutoring

Enrichment Classes

Field Trips

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